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Вземи на изплащане стоката, която желаеш, веднага! Получаваш одобрение от 15 мин. до 2 часа, за срок от 3 до 36 месеца и за суми от 100 до 10 000 лв. За повече подробности виж линка по-долу!


Код на продукт: YAMAHA KEYBOARDS DGX-660 Black
Наличност: В наличност
Цена: 1,462.65лв.
Кредитен модул TBI Bank 19.68

Само за 152.86 лв. на месец

Play, Sing, Share, Repeat
Contemporary and versatile, the DGX-660 has something for everyone!

The new Yamaha DGX-660 is the latest ensemble digital piano to showcase a variety of interactive features that make learning, playing and sharing music fun for everyone. The new Piano Room feature of this Portable Grand lets you choose from a variety of pianos and acoustic settings to create your very own personal piano environment.

Yamaha keyboards are known for their versatility. Now you can connect a microphone to the instrument so you can sing along while you play, and hear your voice with digital effects through the built-in speakers. You can even record your performance to a USB device to share with your friends and family!


Just you and your music
The DGX-660 contemporary digital piano gives aspiring pianists a fun way to enhance their learning experience. Players of all abilities can feel what it's like to play with a band and sound like a pro. The built-in USB Audio Recorder captures your musical inspirations when you're ready to share your accomplishments.

Program " The easiest way to learn piano " in Cooperation with YAMAHA

Everything you need to learn piano

Discover a new way to learn piano

¦ Learn with your favourite songs

¦ flowkey listens to your playing and gives you interactive feedback

¦ Works with any piano or keyboard – nocables required

¦ Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home

¦ Avaible from 9.99 EUR month

Avaible for PCs, laptops and tablets :


Exclusive for new Yamaha customers

¦ Get three months of free access worth 38.99 EUR

¦ Easy activation in a few seconds

¦ Valid with purchase of a YAMAHA piano or keyboard

Get three months flowkey Premium for free at :


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